Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Back in my school days a simple question to a friend, “Why is there no class today” would be answered with a glib, prompt reply “because the sky is so high”. Now, what kind of answer would be that? I would have loved to wipe the smirk on my friend’s face that accompanies this rejoinder. It was considered cool then. So then, I must say my tryst with the “why” questions began quite early in life. It continues to bother me even now in the form of language building exercises for Ramam.
                               The therapist would shoot off a question, how comfortable is he with the “WH” questions. I would give a vague answer, he is ok with what questions, not so ok with the where questions and an absolute no-no with the why questions. By now, I almost apologetic for the state that he is in. Recently a therapist asked me the mother of all questions. Is he comfortable with the cause and effect questions? I almost fell off my chair. I pronounced it more deliberately c-a-u-s-e and e-f-f-e-c-t questions, hoping it strikes a chord somewhere. I told her no way, could you elaborate? Here I was still groping in the dark with the Wh questions and somebody throws a googly at me….
                                     The therapist explained, cause and effect as simple as it sounds, does he relate that when I tell him to switch on the switch for the  fan, the fan would rotate or it is hot and switching on the fan would make it cooler….. Something on those lines. Aahhhhh,  now the C and E questions made sense to me.
                                       On one hand I am struggling with the wh questions, make a list of all possible questions that I can think of . Shooting an impromptu question to Ramam when he is having his bath, why are you using hot water to take bath, counting on all those lost opportunities where I have failed to ask the right Wh question at the right time. On the other hand is my daughter with her never ending questions, the why ones singularly dominating, that at the end of the day I tell her stop “whying” me. A simple ok just to pacify her and my over wrought nerves is met with an equally defiant and challenging “What ok,ok,ok?” And so I give up for the day, only to face the never ending barrage of questions the next day. And so it continues……..but then what would my life be without these two kids to brighten my days and life?
                                        This is wishing all the readers a very happy and safe DIWALI.


kungfudonut said...

interesting blog

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

I would have thought the same thing you did about the cause and effect questions!

ladaisi said...

Great post!

- Lauren

Momz Blotter said...

Love your blog, I hope you visit mine and become a follower, I look forward to seeing you there.www.momzblotter.blogspot.com

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