Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This is a gluten free brand. I have just procured 1/2 kg sooji from them. Yet to try it out.It claims to be gluten,dairy, egg,yeast,sugar free......It is processed from whole sorghum grain.It is a New Zealand company but the product is manufactured in New Delhi.They have other products too, but thought will try to make upama with it and see how it will come out


guna said...

hi viji, first time am reading your posts, and find it quite son take about one liter of milk a day.he is 3 yrs old.. i just want to get rid of this can you please suggest me an alternate for this. am about to start GFCF diet for him.

viji said...

This is difficult. As with most mothers this is also an emotional issue.Denying their child milk,unheard of.Anyway..the options available are soy milk,rice milk,almond milk.But also rule out allergy to soy. Cow's milk
has more calcium,phosphorus and vitamin A compared to natural soymilk. So when you go in for soymilk ,maybe look for the artificail ones/fortified ones.I use herbal tulsi tea as a beverage for my son.hope this is useful

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