Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lost to win

Recently there was a PTA meeting at Ramam's school and as it coincided with the Teacher's day, there was a cultural program to liven up the proceedings. One of the students an autistic girl performed a solo admirably well to the song Mukund, mukunda. Everybody applauded and as the girl came and sat next to her mother, she asked the child did you forget a particular step.I thought the mother should have appreciated her performance rather than pointing out a fault that had otherwise gone unnoticed.In a span of few days, there was the sports meet and our hero was one of the partcipants in the sac race.To start with he was at a little disadvantage as he had a smaller sac.He took off to a flying start but lost hold of the sac ends midway.He fumbled but picked up the ends and continued the race to the finishline.Everybody appreciated his efforts at not giving up, and suggested a consolation prize.But the first thing I did was to ask him why did he let go of the sac.Later I felt small, at having said that. But maybe it was the disappointment of coming close to winning and loosing it that made it painful.As mothers we both did the same thing albeit in diferent situations.We probably take the victories and loses a little too personally. Three cheers to my champion Ramam for having completed the race.he also won a second prize in another event.


Cool4u said...

Congrats to Ramam on his splendid performance. I wish we had been there too to applaus his efforts. All the very best to him.

viji said...

Thank you, will show him your message

Padma said...

congrats Ramam, you w+on a prize in sports day, padma teacher
w+ell viji,you did exactly w+hat every mom does w+hen their child performs,point out the mistakes first
so you w+ere being very normal,and I feel even Ramam w++ould like it to be that w+ay,only if you had not asked him w+hy he didnt hold the sack properly,he might wonder w+hy he w+as not asked,
congrats to you too for his success
love you all

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