Sunday, June 14, 2009

Skills to be learnt

1.       These were some of the messages that I took back home with me when I attended a workshop on adolescent issues. Some of the skills mentioned included typing, use of simple tools such as the nail cutter, stapler, messaging on the mobile, using the computer…….

2.       Independent functioning skills such as self help skills, cooking. When teaching the child to bathe insist on him cleaning his arm pits and private parts, as these add to general hygiene.

3.       Learning to use a public toilet all by themselves and be able to follow the different toilet signs. I had a very personal experience of this at NIMHANS  in Bangalore, when a mother with her grown up son walked into the ladies toilet and there was lot of hue and cry. It did strike me as odd that ladies should take such a strong objection to this more so in a place as this. Discourage the habit of undressing before going to the toilet right when they are young or else it becomes a major issue when using a public toilet.

4.       The use of a calendar and clock.

5.       Carry a visiting card with all the details, such as name, age, address, number more so when the autistic individual is non –verbal or else be trained to provide information on himself.

6.       Teaching behaviors with strangers and familiar people.

7.       Leisure skills is  another important area where the individual can engage himself.

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John said...

Nice post its make me laugh as I also seen such a things. Children are children but the parents should thing about that. Hope your article will make that aware of such kind of issues.

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