Thursday, July 16, 2015

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I stumbled  upon another find , the blog on

 The think then  jot bookmarks is a wonderful idea . I tried this with Ramam on two stories we have read. Right now of course he needs a lot  of prompting. There are some days  I am excited about an idea and wait for Rama to be back from school . I  want to try out  the ideas and see how well they work for him.Yesterday was one such day. Luckily he  got a project book as a return gift in school for a birthday party  and we immediately put it to good use.
                               I tried to do an  activity loosely based on this idea, with a hotel visit of his. Asking him what picture did he have in mind when I said hotel . He came up with the answer  masala dosa. I asked him did he rethink his order when he saw other customers eating different stuff. He said yes. Then has he had a wow moment in a hotel? Probably when he had his first sizzler or a falooda, or an interesting presentation of food. He was listening so intently. It is at a very basic level, but again this organiser give me a path to lead a conversation with him,  till he actually begins to actively take part in the conversation.  

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