Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ramam's first stall

The pani puri stall as mentioned in my previous post  at the Christmas carnival at Bubbles was a hit. Ramam also participated in the whole process. He helped us with few plates, and kept humming Master Chef to himself .The cashier, my daughter was a little defunct as she had to handle coupons and not cash as anticipated. She had kept a sheet of her multiplication tables with her as a ready reckoner, in the case she will have to handle money and give change back to customers.

           I have to mention this. Two mothers, Chithra and Lalitha waited very patiently just to have Ramam make the plate for them, giving him instructions, and praising him at the end of it. God bless you both. It is only for these few cherished moments that I put up the stall. For him to interact with others and feel good about the whole thing. And yes, in between all this, he helped himself to few pani puris too!

             We shall now steer clear of pani puris for at least another 6 months. Ramam has been practising it for a month and the family has been force fed paani puris for a month. I chose Pani Puri, as I felt it was a more like an assembly job. Things go into the puri in a sequential manner one after the other. But in the chaos that followed in the stall, there was no assembly line, just a rush to cater quickly.

               I had promised my daughter the profits would go to her piggy bank, but finally donated it. It didn’t go down too well with her. Anyway, she did a round of mini shopping at the other stalls and was happy at the end of it.



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