Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Yesterday, Isha came back from school and wanted to know what "interferring" means. I racked my brains for a suitable answer. I told her in a broad sense  and finally  came up with us. I told her for instance when mom and dad are having a serious conversation and you butt in every now and then, then that could be called interferring. She stopped me right there and told me Amma, but that is interrupting and not interferring. I clamped my mouth shut.
                      This is a slightly dirty one. What is a girl with a  continous thick nasal discharge called?........Nosy volcano.
                      She wears two long  hair plaits to school.Today morning , just before leaving to school, she  told me "You comb my hair real dumb"!!!!!! Amazing, where these kids pick up language?

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