Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bringing up Isha.

Isha throws up few surprises once in a while. Two weeks back, I received a call from one of Isha’s friends’ mother. She asked me if the party is confirmed. I was a little taken back and asked her which party. She then told me Isha had invited her daughter for a sleep over party. She mentioned that Isha has also given a dress code .Sensing my ignorance; she asked me if I was aware of it. I told her, she had been planning to call her friends over. Then we mutually decided against it and agreed upon letting them play during the day on the weekend. Later I realized she has extended three invites!

Recently, she had some project work to do in EVS. We made a huge chart and she carried it to school the next day. Unfortunately, the session was cancelled. As she did want to carry the chart back and forth, she left it behind in her school. I asked her, where had she kept it in the school. Pat came the reply; I left it in the Lost and Found locker. She assured me it is very safe there. I wanted to tell her, she must be one of her kind! Sometimes she is achingly sweet.

Isha turned 7 today, 18th July. We hosted a party last Saturday for her friends. She has gone all dolled up for the day. Excited, happy, and in great spirits. We had hosted a party for her friends last Saturday. The best thing about Isha, is she is super cool . My husband was pulling her leg and asked her what is that she has achieved in the last 7 yrs, and she rattled off  a couple of things. She is equally cool about things she is not good at. She is convinced it is a matter of time and she will catch up. She is a self proclaimed artist.

Wish you a very a happy bday dear.

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