Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy new year

Just 3 days to go to herald the new year. We have yet, again embarked on a new therapy for Ramam ,the NAET-Namboodiripad allergy elimination technique with the same fervor, hope , enthusiasm that marks the beginning of any activity. More on it,as it progresses.
Ramam just recovered from yet another out of cold and fever,and that put a stop to all our Christmas holidays program. I was tempted to look up some of the therapies that parents'at Rama's school have joined, but a reconsideration of his existing schedule made me think twice. Given that there are are only so many hours in a day that you get to work with the child, one doesn't want to get it fragmented by doing too many things. Set small selected goals, work on it. And then move on to the next set of goals. This realization has dawned quite late on me. I shall probably work on that. Many a times, mothers tell-me when the child is capable of academics, shouldn't he be encouraged on those lines. I am not quite-clear on this. I feel if Ramam isn't able to recall what happened in the school, what is the point in getting him to do academics. It is more important to work on these aspects, for academics ,if it has to come will come definitely much later. krishnana Narayanan spent years in a boarding school ,not learning much, but picked up much later when he started home tuitions with his father.
Anyway as parents ,one is always wondering on the choices that we make for our children. We want to put this allergy issue behind us, and that explains the NAET ,that we just started yesterday.Picked up so more interesting apps for Ramam. The has a good pick of apps for children on the spectrum.
Wish you all a wonderful year ahead.

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