Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Diwali

A very quiet Diwali at home with both kids being down with flu.After we purchased the I- pad, I and the kids have been spending quiet some time with it.Probably been even bonding over it. With nothing much to do tonight,I just watched Stevejob's Stanford speech.Truly inspirational. There have been so many posts on various blogs by so many parents thanking Steve jobs for the joy and and happiness that the I- pad has bought into their lives. Having experienced it first hand there is no denying the fact, even as I merrily type away this post.
There are so many apps like the story builder,Lego creationary,talking Carl.....just to name a few. Plenty of apps for communication purposes also.One is spoilt for choices.But to narrow down to one , and then to put it to proper use is the challenge. I don' t want Ramam to use Proloquo2 go (AAC aap) just to demand things. I have set and reset his home page and alinged the folders so many times but yet to finalize the way it should be. At the cost of digressing, I shall mention the new version has some excellent features. When you type, the possible lists of words show up, making it very easy to type.One can type and insert it into a folder. This one comes handy when you have to insert a social story, recall an recent outing.
Back to the I-pad, the kids have taken to it like fish to water, especially when you do some of the creative apps ,it offers a much larger canvass. Having tried some of the apps on I- pod touch and the same then on the I-pad , probably made the transition easy. But I- pod or no I-pod, the kids are bound to love it. Here is one more heart felt thanks to Steve Jobs from one another mother.Wonder if Steve jobs would have himself realised how wonderful a gift it would be to autistic children .It is like 'joining the dots' ,part in his speech.The I- pad may have far more applications in a way that he had not envisioned.
Things happen, maybe for the greater good, of which we have no inkling And on that very positive note , I wish all readers a very happy and safe Diwali.

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