Monday, September 12, 2011

GFCF Cake Frosting

 I have wanted to share two of the recipes for icing on a GFCF cake. It has been on my mind for quite some time but somehow I have not posted it on the blog. The first is my own creation; yes I was quite excited with the idea. I used finely cut pieces of Bourniville Dark chocolate, (their label mentions use of cocoa butter and no milk products) with cashew nuts,  dalda (hydrogenated oil),  and put them in a blender. I did this as a frosting for my daughter’s b’day cake in July (yes! been quite some time) and she was hugely appreciative of the effort. Decorated it with Marbels (again dairy free). The cake was of course made from Orgran chocolate cake mix.
                                                   The second one is the GFCF vanilla cake frosting.
Also Morappam is another easy to make 40’clock GFCF snack. Use leftover idli/dosa batter. Add finely chopped onions, green chillies, coriander leaves, and grated carrot, to the batter. Take a spoon of oil. To the heated oil add mustard and Bengal gram, and let the mustard splutter. Add this to the batter. The batter has to be deep fried a vessel, uniquely designed for appams. I t is readily available in shops. However, only that  it took me 14 long yrs to procure one. My mother gifted me one too early in life (1yr into married life), I thought, it must be a complicated dish and returned it back to her. Recently I  picked up a non stick  variety.


vasant said...

Hi, thanks for this. Do you know anybody in Bangalore who makes gfcf cakes. I want to have one for my son's birthday. Look forward , thanks. Vasant

viji said...

You will have to bake it yourself . You can use orgran chocolate cake mix that is popular ot bake from the scratch with the orgran all purpose flour.There are some cake receipes on the blog.
You can contact , venkatesh ,he is a stockist. 9342827398. He has guff pasta,rice crumbs, egg replacers.....

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