Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Follow My Heart

Following my heart . Here I am talking about the  to- do list that has been in the making for a long time. It is a  list  that would put me first ,ahead of everything, a list that would probably give me something to look forward to everyday , a to- do list that has got to do with  self development, a list that enhances my growth as a person. It is already sounding ambitious…
                       Not the everyday mundane things such as feeding the kids (yes! It does take effort and time).
·        Hunt for a job – This one I guess will always be on my  to- do list. Here I am trying to squeeze in a job into the those wedges of time when my children are at school, or am not escorting one of my kids somewhere, to some therapy or some class . I want flexi timing, a job that will take a max of 2-3 hrs a day. Besides, I would like to have as many days off as the kids have, cause then I would be doing the full- time mom bit.  Sadly there aren’t too many jobs that way. Also my resume is very restrictive (rather, pathetic, nothing to talk about by way of work experience, the last 17 yrs.) I envy moms selling Tupperware and Amway products. They are at least doing something….Somehow my life only seems to be revolving around my kids.
.                          Get down to more realistic things…..
·        I should get more tech literate, at least be able to download apps, upload photos on the blog. Tinker around with the blog list. The blog is beginning to look dull without any colorful photos. I see some amazing photography on the cookery blogs.

·        A Sudoku puzzle /Cross word everday. Let me make some humble beginnings.

·        Pranayam everyday…?
·        I would like  one day , to join Shiamak Davar dance class
·        Visit my Veena teacher; meet some of my old friends if and when I go to Chennai.
                                      Is anybody interested in my wish list???!


raji said...

i can relate myself to you viji.I graduated as a dentist in 2003 and within ayear i had my son in hand and then 2 years break and then part time job for coping with hi and then agian his developemental delays and so on.Now in US AND WORKED FOR A MONTH ,left and now thinking of job change to a part time if possible:)

Anonymous said...

Viji, your thought reflects the dilemna of number of moms. You're writing stuff which many of us can relate to. Thanks a lot! (I just got rid of one ToDo from my list :)

SimblyG said...


I think we forget how to enjoy our free time. My SIL doesn't work and I always wonder what she does from 8-4 when her kids are at school.

Are you interested in editing? A friend asked me if I could spare a few hours a day. But you know what my schedule is like. Msg or call me if you want to give it a shot.

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