Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More resources in Bengaluru

Here is the list of two more schools in Bengaluru send to me by another parent. 
The schools are near the Thippasandara area. One is kara4kids and  the other Geethanjali Montessori Both offer integrated programs, kara4kids is really expensive . There are however no therapies in Geetanjali The staff here have dealt with autistic kids.  Also check out my earlier posts on schools in bengaluru.
                              He also recommends another app for the i-pod First words Delux which his son loves. Here are the links to two websites that have a wealth of information . The second website is oriented towards education of special children
                     This is yet another link to a blog where a mother raises not one, not two but five autistic children  The blog title reads What are they thinking? But then I can well imagine what we must be thinking. Superduper mom?
                                        Many   thanks to Gina for these links.

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