Thursday, December 2, 2010

Do It Now For Your Child

This is an earnest request to all of you readers, especially parents, serving the autistic community to go online and sign the petition which says not to repeal the National Trust act. We must not lose sight of the basic character, nomenclature, and objectives of this act. The National Trust act serves to take care of the interest of our children. The thought that is uppermost on every parent’s mind is what after us?  To take action, please click on the link below
                        Also visiting their website also gives you an insight as o the services, insurance schemes, respite care schemes that are made available to our children. At least somebody in the ministry has put some thought and effort in anticipating the requirement of this special community. The sad part is nothing works at the moment.
                           The least all of us can do, is to join our hands together, go onboard and sign the online petition   and when………………..NOW, NOW, NOW. The more noise we make, the more our children stand to benefit better.

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