Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New ABA school at Hebbal and Domulur, Bangalore

         The Samvaad institute of speech and hearing at Hebbal,  provides treatment for all communication disorders. The Director, Radhika Poovayya,  is a speech language pathologist with 23 years of experience. She is presently training to be a board certified behavior analyst. Under her guidance ABA services are being provided for children with autism at the institute in Hebbal.
                               ABA services are now available for children at Hebbal from the 6th of Sept 2010.Daily sessions of 1 /2/3/4 hours are available. Individual sessions will be given to all early learners and once the child’s skills improve child will be introduced to small groups of 2 and 3. All programs will be monitored and supervised by Radhika Poovayya. To quote Radhika “Research has proved that providing 25 to 40 hrs a week to a child with autism is effective .Our personal experience using ABA  has been extremely good and we have got  amazing results with our children .This  has prompted us to plan an expansion of services so that we can provide more hours of therapy to each child and reach out to more children at an affordable cost”. She has earlier conducted ABA workshops under the aegis of Smitha Awasthi in 2007 and 2008. She also intends to organize parent training programs at regular intervals. They recently held a parents meeting to help parents share their opinions and voice their concerns.
                                 Radhika Poovayya, plans to start her first batch of students for the school with a maximum strength of 25 children. Registration is open for admission of children with autism at the institute. She is also offering similar ABA services at Domulur from 15th oct 2010.  For those of you wanting to look at ABA as an option, Pl email queries / book appointments to samvaadinstitute@yahoo.co.in


Bhavana sree said...

This kind of kids must be treated normal with other children. Some schools in Hebbal have programs and special sessions that motivates and develop knowledge in these kind of kids.

Jenny Dsouza said...

Thanks for sharing your journey of love, bonding and faith..
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