Thursday, August 12, 2010


As I was slugging it out with yet another questionnaire, many thought crossed my mind. To begin with, the umpteen number of questionnaires that we had filled since his diagnosis. I remember earlier it used to be a shared experience for me and my hubby dear. We used to mark it with pencils and cross check whether   there was consensus between us. Not to mention the length of each questionnaire. Slowly with the drift of time it was purely my job. In due course, I was subtly reminded that he had a job to keep. So now I take it in my stride quite sportingly.
                 Answering a questionnaire on your child’s mile stones however can be a truly learning experience. (No pun intended). It kind of toots your child’s deficits and there is no denying it. These honest appraisals help you get your act together. Every assessment shows you where the child is on the learning curve. It gives you focus.
                        After a couple of nos’ to some questions, I opened a word document and put the title as Ramam’s deficits as on 8.8.10. The good questionnaires set you thinking. Does he operate a house hold appliance himself?  No, so I have decided to start with the microwave. Does he use a noun+verb combo in his language? I found a little bit of joy in answering this question because he has just begun to do so, albeit in signs and partial vocalization. For example sing twinkle twinkle. Does he give a single word answer to questions? Yes, partially. But then again it is a leap from a questionnaire I filled out may be a year back.
                     After I drew up the list of his deficits, I also realized a 6 day week and  a 24hrs  day, was not much.The message to take home is  keep working, and  the results will follow. As the Gita says, do your work and  do not look at the rewards.

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