Monday, June 7, 2010

Sunfeast marathon

I want to thank all the sponsors who have contributed to this cause through online donations and cheques. A big thank you to all of you once again.Here are some photos of the marathon.Ramam and Isha did a 4k where  they joined the majja runners.I beamed proudly as some runners cheered us on saying both  ur kids are running.Unfortunately a beaming self is not in the photo.The next picture is  taken right after the 4k when they joined their father after his 10k.The third one, of course  recouping after the run.


Padma said...

Nice to see the foursome,all of you look great
Well I realised its been long I went thro your blog and so here I am reading your posts and getting to know,all the happennings in Ramams and your lives,
God bless you

viji said...

Thank you, Padma, always a pleasure hearing from you.

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