Monday, October 26, 2009

'Mis'placed emotions

Very recently Ramam painted our wall orange with his crayons! I was delighted. He had never done it for the last 9 years. Although a very inappropriate thing for him to do I was happy for some reason. I did give him solid advice,paper is for colouring blah blah.......Another mother was overjoyed when her son in PUC bunked classes and went for a movie and did not inform her.She came to know of it 10 days later. Yet another mother pulled up her son for not consistently performing well in his exams. The boy answered back "Do you cook well everyday".The mother said it was a revelation to her.These words coming from our children somehow make it endearing. Like one mother told me they are not just honest but brutally honest..These small anecdotes give us some reason to smile about.


Mr. N said...

Amen! We don't realise that all human beings are not alike, and most certainly not consistent all the time! Mr. N

viji said...

That is what sri sri ravi shankar also says. You are not what you were 10 years earlier. You also change ,so expecting others to be consistent is not done.

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